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Workshops, trainings, speaker gigs, year trainings: An overview of our events on various topics in next:land! If you have any questions, simply send an email to events [at] dwarfsandgiants.org

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Join us on June 14 at Welser Profile in Gresten (Austria) for a day of exploration among top leaders to unpack the future of leadership: (De-)constructing leadership for an uncertain world.

Online workshop with 4 modules:
Introductory, virtual workshop format for people who work / lead / work in organizations and want to help shape a constructive conflict culture.

June or October 2022

The third edition of our learning lab next:pedition will start in November 2022. We aim to bring another colourful travel group of pionieering people from all over Europe together. Find out more in this info webinar!

No more "buzzwords": Experience & understand the basics of agile work methods!

20.9., 21.9., 5.10.2022

Systemic change management & how to apply the systemic lens to your own organization

23.9., 12.-14.10., 18.11.2022

Training Group: Strengthening team competence & experiencing self-reliance in this course of the Center for Social Competence at the University of Graz in cooperation with dwarfs and Giants

an-210Year Trainings


Next learning lab will start Nov. 2022! 
The next:pedition provides a unique learning space to experience the challenges of next:land and to manifest next:land organizations through new leadership.