Clear the Air

Sweeping conflicts under the rug was yesterday.
Psychological safety is today.

On the way to New Work there are many challenges on the human side: Conflicts either escalate, or they are simply not addressed. Neither of these two strategies helps to really resolve issues – and you also can’t delegate conflict resolution up to the boss. That’s why we need other ways to resolve conflicts to the satisfaction of everyone involved. Our introductory workshops, deepening workshops, and facilitator trainings offer experiences and concrete approaches on how to shape a constructive conflict culture in organizations.

The Clear the Air approach (CTA) offers your organization storm-proof formats that can ensure that all tensions in your organization are addressed in a timely manner and resolved to the satisfaction of everyone involved. Many aspects of this approach are based on the work of the American psychologist Marshall Rosenberg, but adapted to the hectic everyday work in organizations. Like a well-crafted kitchen table, CTA is built on four well-balanced, mutually supportive legs.

icon person
1 Individual

Working on your own attitude and your ability to deal with friction in a relaxed, constructive, and empathic way – without contorting yourself.

icon dialogue
2 Dialogue

Low-threshold formats for better resolution dialogues. Mutual understanding, constructive honesty, and solutions that all parties can live with well.

icon team
3 Team

Concrete formats for feedback, appreciation, and empathic listening. Strengthening psychological safety. Resolving conflicts sustainably and regaining more freedom of movement.

icon org
4 Organization

Deeply anchoring a constructive conflict culture in the whole organization, so that you can also resolve tensions that affect everyone

How does CTA get into my organization?

Introductory Workshops

2 days that teach you and your team the basics in a playful and emotionally appealing way, that whet your appetite, and light your fire. On-site in our workshop space, in-house at your organization, or remote, e.g. divided into 4 times one morning in weekly intervals. Find out more on the event-page!

Intensive Training

If you wish to learn for yourself how to anchor the attitude of Clear the Air (CTA) in your organization even more effectively in your day-to-day work, and how to facilitate CTA meetings confidently, we would be delighted if you would join us at the next CTA facilitator training (German only).

Accompaniment & Facilitation

Experience has shown that introductory workshops ignite an energy which is usually not enough to change an organizational culture permanently. To do this, it is helpful to introduce companion formats, such as the Empathic Space Program or the Clear the Air meeting, and check on a regular basis how things are going and what else might be needed. We’d be glad to accompany you on your journey to establish a truly open, cordial, constructive conflict culture in your organization. Feel free to get in touch!

You would like to learn more about the Clear the Air approach?

Send us a message, we are looking forward to start the conversation!

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